Lyhytkasvuiset – Kortväxta ry is a national non-profit organization for people with restricted growth and their relatives in Finland. The association was founded in 1984 and has nearly 600 members. Most of the activities are run by volunteers.

The goal of the association is to help the people with restricted growth to connect with each other, to promote their rights and to contribute to the research of different types of skeletal dysplasias.

The association:

– raises awareness of the restricted growth
– gives information to different policy-makers and public officers (e.g. social workers, staff of kindergartens and schools, doctors and nurses)
– offers peer support to its members and their families
– collects and shares information and studies of different diagnoses and available treatments
– aims to influence attitudes and reduce prejudice

Various activities are organized throughout the year. The biggest events are the annual spring and fall meetings. Regional correspodents organize local events. There are also summer camps, meetings targeted for different age groups and voluntary education opportunities amongst other smaller events. The association also has a magazine that comes out four times a year.

The Association for People of Restricted Growth in Finland can be found on social media as follows:
Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: lyhytkasvuiset

You can find the upcoming events behind the title ”Tapahtumat”. For more information or for international cooperation, contact the international correspodents of the association:
Ellen Nirhamo firstname.lastname(at)